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"Rachelle Albright has a very clear way of explaining things to clients less knowledgeable about construction. While gentle in tone, she is firm in her decisions and knowledge of the field. Rachelle is presently working with me on some new projects and has been a great mentor in this manner. Her level of experience is extremely high and her recommendations of valuable resources have been greatly appreciated."

Kay F. Higginbotham
Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives
Academy of the Sacred Heart

About Albright Management Strategies

Our Mission

To utilize decades of experience, knowledge and resources in the fields of commercial general contracting, cost estimating and project management to provide outstanding consulting and construction management services.

Our Vision

To be a recognized construction management leader, which affords our clients exceptional representation and professional consultation resulting in measurable success.

Our Company Values

+ Attentiveness to our clients’ needs.

+ Timely execution of our clients’ objectives & initiatives.

+ Management of our clients’ expectations with frequent & effective communication.

+ Giving back to our community to witness the true spirit of advocacy.